Weston Ave Styling was born in January 2020. While yes, this is where my business starts, this isn't actually the beginning. Ever since I can remember, I've always loved style. I loved the confidence that it can bring out. I love the way garments hang on the body. I love the way clothes change the way you walk and how you feel about yourself. 


Fashion for me is so much more than labels or trends, fashion is a way that I express myself. My style is a way that I say "Hi, I'm Sierra" before I even speak.


When I launched Weston Ave Styling, I knew that I wanted to help everyday women achieve a level of self-love and style that they may not know is there. I knew that I wanted to create a safe space for bodies to be bodies no matter how they look. I wanted to create a space to help women realize just how amazing they are. Most of all, I wanted to create a space of trust between my clients and I.

Weston Ave Styling is so much more than us "playing" dress-up. The experience that I provide for my clients is one that teaches them how to express themselves. One that shows them how to dress their bodies in a way that allows them to determine how they want to look. One that leaves them with a smile on their face. Most of all, one that leaves them feeling confident and full. 


At Weston Ave Styling, I specialize in closet clean-outs, personal shopping, body type training, and creating custom look books. Everything I do is 100% personalized to meet you and your needs.