What is a custom look book?

Who wouldn’t love to wake up and have a book filled with outfit ideas that they can just pick from? Well, that’s what a lookbook can do for you! In this book, there will be a total of 30-45 outfit ideas packed with tons of tips on how to keep each look fresh and vibrant day in and day out.


I will take photos of every garment, accessory, shoe, bag, etc., that you own prior to starting your look book. This process shouldn't take more than an hour and a half. Regardless of what you’re getting dressed for (work, class, meetings, gala, etc.), there will be an ample amount of looks for you to pick between.


A fully completed look book will be provided to your in two weeks' time.


Cost and time commitment:

In each look book, you will recieve between 30-45 looks. Look books take one and a half weeks to complete and are sent over digitally. If you would like a physical copy, this can be requested at an additional cost. Look books are $300. 

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Let's Work Together

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